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In the News One year after sealing their surprise alliance, Novell and Microsoft have announced an expansion of their technical collaboration to 'link together the existing Windows and Linux frameworks'. The firms will extend their existing collaboration to focus on virtualisation, standards-based management, directory and identity federation and document format compatibility. As part of this process, Microsoft said that both companies are 'now working closely' at the Microsoft and Novell Interoperability Lab in Massachusetts.
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RE: Good for Novell!
by segedunum on Thu 8th Nov 2007 22:37 UTC in reply to "Good for Novell!"
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While many living in the anti-Microsoft camp will simply despise Novell more for this, fortunately I do not think Novell gives a damn...

Alas, Novell will give a damn when Microsoft, who are their biggest competitor, start replacing all the Suse coupons and servers (which have to be under Windows domain controllers under the deal incidentally) and finish off what is left of Novell's market share from the Netware legacy. Novell are having to get their biggest competitor to sell their own products for them! If you can't see how idiotic that is then I recommend a padded cell.

Anybody who thinks this is rabid 16 your old fanboy talk simply simply doesn't have the first clue about what's going on, and would be best served not commenting. Ask yourself: Microsoft are Novell's biggest competitor, and are being pretty successful at moving Netware customers to Windows. Why are Microsoft going to help Novell?

It's a simple question. Really, some of you idiots are exceptionally naive, but it seems Microsoft can count on such an attitude in most places.

Novell on the other hand does have a community of businesses to which they provides services to, most of which happen to also use Windows (ours included).

Alas, Windows is a competitor. Novell are going to have to do as much interoperability as they can, by themselves, until they convince you that Windows is a bad choice and what they have is better.

Real men and companies compete. Wimps stay up late all night, out of their depth, wondering what they're going to do, and then they whine to the bully to stop and give them their dinner money.

Mixed environments such as ours, and many of our clients, do see this as a very positive way forward.

Does Microsoft's software really help you in a mixed environment? Now that Microsoft has caught the interoperability bug and are supposedly helping Novell with federated directory services, are they contributing to Samba 4 for AD interoperability?

What specific improvements do you expect to see exactly, or is this just all hot air and hearsay?

I am sure if Novell starts to gain market share with Suse Enterprise, many of Red Hats shareholders are going to be none to pleased with their stance.

The bottom line here is that Novell still has a larger revenue than Red Hat, mostly thanks to Netware, whose customers Microsoft now want to get over to the Windows world at a faster rate as a result of this deal (as well as some patent FUD). Novell have declining revenue from Netware and their Linux business isn't growing anywhere near enough to compensate, let alone compete with Red Hat. Red Hat's revenue is going up.

The trend is down, and this deal was a last, desperate throw of the dice - that Microsoft gave to them, and have ones on all sides.

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