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Fedora Core Fedora 8 has been released. It sports a new look and feel, a codec installation program, the first signs of the GNOME online desktop, various security improvements, support for Compiz and Compiz-Fusion, Java support via Iced-Tea, and much more. Get it from the download page. Update: A couple of articles about the release: 1, 2, 3. Update II: One more: 4.
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To...Fedora 8 ....that is the question...
by kjwaugh on Thu 8th Nov 2007 22:42 UTC
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I've downloaded and burned it etc. but I know that I'm going to eventually regret it. I'm very eager to try it out but the hopping back and forth from openSuse/Kubuntu/Fedora has me really weary. I'd decided to remain with openSuse 10.3 because everything works and there seems little advantage to install a new distro. The struggle to re-import onto my older hardware drives me a little nuts and the wireless thing - with Fedora madwifi/ndiswrapper quickly forced me into dependency hell. Then the insane number of updates eventually gets you in too deep. I was really impressed with Kubuntu 7.04 and was committed to it but when I upgraded to 7.10 (it had to be better right?) it wasn't good enough, too many things were too much of a struggle to get working again. With openSuse all I had to do was have madWifi saved on a flashdrive and everything else was a breeze. Enough whining eh? I'll have to commit or get off the pot I guess.....The good part is that we have something new, hopefully better to work with. The bad part is that with diversity we sometimes have less continuity and greater fragmentation.

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