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In the News One year after sealing their surprise alliance, Novell and Microsoft have announced an expansion of their technical collaboration to 'link together the existing Windows and Linux frameworks'. The firms will extend their existing collaboration to focus on virtualisation, standards-based management, directory and identity federation and document format compatibility. As part of this process, Microsoft said that both companies are 'now working closely' at the Microsoft and Novell Interoperability Lab in Massachusetts.
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RE: Sadly...
by polaris20 on Fri 9th Nov 2007 14:25 UTC in reply to "Sadly..."
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Well yes, unless you're a non-profit corp, that's generally the idea. To make money.

I see this Novell thing as a good thing, because we're not getting away from MS anytime soon at my employment, and making things a bit more cohesive between Windows and Linux would be nice.

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