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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Ars has a review of Ubuntu 7.10. They conclude: "Ubuntu 7.10 provides an unparalleled desktop Linux experience and sets new standards for power and ease of use. This release lives up to Ubuntu's reputation and delivers cutting-edge new features and solid enhancements. Although Ubuntu 7.10 is very impressive, some of the new additions - particularly Compiz and Tracker - lack the polish and robustness that they need to truly shine. These technologies are still a work in progress and give Ubuntu 7.10 a slightly unfinished feel. Ubuntu also unfortunately inherits some of the minor weaknesses of the GNOME desktop environment."
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Forgot to mention I got big hard drives working with version 3.10. It works on the one I have, but I get no feedback on other people's success or failure with hardware. Hard drives are pretty standard, but some hardware you practically have to own every type and test it to be sure. I can't win that battle, so I stick to least common denominator, which kinda sucks.

LoseThos is innovative in it's simplicity, but doesn't break fundamentally new ground, but I get freaked-out by some technologies.

To understand LoseThos, imagine going from 16-bit intel code segments to 32 bit. This is an analogy, but is present in many ways in LoseThos. Latest thing is a system-wide screen-zoom feature centered on the mouse cursor. (Version 3.11 Beta) Now, each application doesn't need to do zoom because the operating system does it. I wouldn't be surprised if other operating systems did this, but I haven't seen them.

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