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Fedora Core Fedora 8 has been released. It sports a new look and feel, a codec installation program, the first signs of the GNOME online desktop, various security improvements, support for Compiz and Compiz-Fusion, Java support via Iced-Tea, and much more. Get it from the download page. Update: A couple of articles about the release: 1, 2, 3. Update II: One more: 4.
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RE[2]: Nice release
by Lengsel on Sat 10th Nov 2007 00:20 UTC in reply to "RE: Nice release"
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I've skipped the last few Fedora releases, I think openSUSE does a better job, but I do plan on trying Fedora 9. I think F9 really has the potential to blow up! What I mean is Fedora could really get huge, depending on how the implement KDE4. That's why I think F9 could really get big, is if KDE4 is really slick and smooth in Fedora, combine that with just having Fedora now, no Core and Extras, I think it really might prove to be a sweet release.

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