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Amiga & AROS Dave Morse (1943-2007), Amiga Computer co-founder, died on Saturday, November 2nd. In 1982, he left Tonka Toys (where he was Vice-President of Marketing) and became the Chief Executive Officer at Hi Toro, Inc., which he co-founded and which morphed later that year into Amiga, Inc. and led through the development of the Lorraine Project (a codename inspired by Dave's wife Lorraine) - ultimately, the Amiga 1000 Computer. Our take: We want to wish all the strength in the world to his family and friends, and I personally would like to thank him for creating a truly visionary computing platform. Forget Apple, forget Microsoft, forget Linux: the Amiga was the real revolutionary device.
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by losethos2 on Sun 11th Nov 2007 15:31 UTC
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You guys are obsessing on preemption. LoseThos has a feature where you can turn it off and on. I'll assume your too stupid to understand why this is cool... think about it for a while. LoseThos empowers programmers -- that's the whole point -- fun with programming... all instructions available. To put this in terms you can understand, since, y'all seem to be administrators, most operating systems are like being a user without root access. Kernel mode is off-limits. In LoseThos, you have kernel mode in all programs you write! There nothing less than kernel mode. You pussies are already complaining, right? Oh, no, it might crash. BFD, boots in 2 seconds. It has no network. There is absolutely no risk of malware. You're suppose to use it to WRITE program, not run them... if you write the program and there's no network, how the hell are you going to have security problems? Screw security! Have a blast programming.

You guys are all brainwashed by 1970's mainframe opeerating system ideas... the kind they teach in school. Let me tell you something--a home computer is not a mainframe. Huge difference, that nobody seems to grasp--on a mainframe a crash inconviences hundreds of people. Get out of the 70's and don't be so brainwashed.

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