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Amiga & AROS Dave Morse (1943-2007), Amiga Computer co-founder, died on Saturday, November 2nd. In 1982, he left Tonka Toys (where he was Vice-President of Marketing) and became the Chief Executive Officer at Hi Toro, Inc., which he co-founded and which morphed later that year into Amiga, Inc. and led through the development of the Lorraine Project (a codename inspired by Dave's wife Lorraine) - ultimately, the Amiga 1000 Computer. Our take: We want to wish all the strength in the world to his family and friends, and I personally would like to thank him for creating a truly visionary computing platform. Forget Apple, forget Microsoft, forget Linux: the Amiga was the real revolutionary device.
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before I get nuked
by losethos2 on Sun 11th Nov 2007 15:59 UTC
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LoseThos doesn't use virtual memory. I have 2 Gig RAM. Virtual memory was necessary when you had a hundred users on a mainframe. Mostly, it's not needed on a home computer unless you're doing science stuff maybe.

LoseThos is simple, on purpose. Linux might as well not be open source. I laugh at all these open source advocates who don't understand the code.

Linux is a false promise--people think they can understand the code and tinker. It's got so many #ifdefs and stuff--pile of shit. Have you ever tried to trace operations to the actual hardware IN or OUT instructions? Nightmare. I seriously thought the goverment told them to obscure it for homeland security or something.

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