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Graphics, User Interfaces This is the fifth article in a series on common usability and graphical user interface related terms [part I | part II | part III | part IV]. On the internet, and especially in forum discussions like we all have here on OSNews, it is almost certain that in any given discussion, someone will most likely bring up usability and GUI related terms - things like spatial memory, widgets, consistency, Fitts' Law, and more. The aim of this series is to explain these terms, learn something about their origins, and finally rate their importance in the field of usability and (graphical) user interface design. In part V, we focus on modes.
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The idea by itself makes a lot of sense.
Apple's mostly about making things easy and usable for the general public.

I wonder what they've been smoking, though, because they're doing it _in_hardware_.
I mean, I know about Apple being a hardware manufacturer but still 250ms is a _long_ time if you type reasonably fast and remapped the key.

And if somebody buys Apple stuff and (also) uses a different OS I'd say there's a significant chance that he has remapped caps lock to escape or control...

I also wished they were being more transparent about this matter because this is the first time I've heard of it and if they decide to silently introduce this hardware feature to macbooks there will be some people screaming bloody murder.

Then again, no matter what Apple does, there's always some screaming and bitching ;-)

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