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Fedora Core DistroWatch has reviewed Fedora 8. They conclude: "Overall, I truly believe that Fedora 8 is by far the best Fedora release to date (and I've tried every one of them). From the look and feel of the system, to the out-of-the-box configuration during installation, I couldn't be happier with a cutting edge release. As I mentioned before, the biggest aspects of a successful distribution for me are suspend/hibernate, correct screen resolution and the the ability to change the screen resolution in a GUI if it didn't configure it correctly the first time, system stability, and overall look and feel of a distribution. For me, Fedora 8 has excelled in all categories when I evaluate and review a system and I hope that Fedora continues to release versions that are put together as good as Fedora 8 has been."
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RE: good review
by arctic on Mon 12th Nov 2007 22:42 UTC in reply to "good review"
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Having used SELinux for several years now, I must admit that a good distribution should ship something like SELinux (Fedora and derivates) or Apparmor (Mandriva/SUSE). But as good as these technologies are, they do have a weak point. E.g. setting SELinux to enforcing mode will cause you more headaches than you ever thought of because many things refuse(d) to work at all with the default settings. The trick is to run it in permissive mode and adjust your policy (a lengthy procedure!). But then, this is really only for experts. Newcomers to Linux (and many veteran users) will give up on the configuring imho.

That said: SELinux and Apparmor are great for server setups and the like, but the average user will (my opinion) hardly ever use those tools on his/her desktop machine.

PS: Yeah, Fedora 8 is very good but - my opinion - Mandriva has created the "best distribution" this time.

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