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Windows The breakdown for the various editions of Windows Server 2008 was revealed this morning by Microsoft, and the big news there is the almost total lack of change: Retail server software editions for the next Windows Server will fall right in line with the current Windows Server 2003 R2 editions, including the number of client access licenses provided in the basic package.
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active directory
by losethos2 on Tue 13th Nov 2007 10:07 UTC
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I know you like to criticize LoseThos for no active directory, but tell me... does the Linux "ls" command support an active directory? Of course not. Now, lay-off LoseThos.

LoseThos has no file sharing locks. It's unregulated and leaves-it to you not to shoot yourself in the foot. One cool thing is you can open the same file mutlitple times with the editor and the last-one to save wins.

The borland integrated development environment used to support opening the same file twice. It's useful when you want to view two parts of a document. I was pissed when Microsoft didn't allow that.

Some people prefer regulation. It means less freedom. Regulation is when you need to be protected from yourself.

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