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Google Google has finally released Android, the opensource platform that will be used by the Open Handset Alliance. The platform is based in the Linux kernel, freetype, sqlite, webkit, a 2D/3D subsystem and other pieces, but the application framework is built in Java using a embedded-optimized VM called Dalvik. The SDK is available for Linux, Mac and Win and it includes an emulator. Video here. Update: The WebKit browser failed to render the desktop version of OSNews, so now we feed it our mobile one.
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linux? python?
by simo on Tue 13th Nov 2007 12:34 UTC
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this just seems like another java-on-mobiles implementation to me, ok so its not winCE underneath, but its hardly the first linux mobile either.

how do we get a console up - can we make kernel calls, can we program in python or shell, do we have dmesg, a tcp stack that operates outside of this java gui? otherwise i'm afraid its of no interest to me.

and to someone above, wasn't qtopia (green phone) recently cancelled by trolltech? so we're back to openmoko vs. android, of which i prefer the former (open hardware too).

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