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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless "You can tell that the new PRS-505 is from Sony because 1) it's a gorgeous piece of kit in a tiny package, 2) it has a Memory Stick Pro Duo expansion slot, and 3) it uses proprietary DRM. But the last two points, so unfortunately characteristic of Sony in the last decade, suggest that the company is changing-slowly. Not only does the new Reader sport an SD card slot alongside the Pro Duo slot, but it plays AAC and MP3 files; ATRAC doesn't even make an appearance on the spec sheet. Oh, and did I mention that the Reader is Penguin-powered?"
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I really want a ebook reader ..
by kragil on Tue 13th Nov 2007 20:00 UTC
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.. this could be it. But i think wireless internet should be included. The price tag is not a problem. I have a lot of very cool PDFs that would justify the price.

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