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Fedora Core DistroWatch has reviewed Fedora 8. They conclude: "Overall, I truly believe that Fedora 8 is by far the best Fedora release to date (and I've tried every one of them). From the look and feel of the system, to the out-of-the-box configuration during installation, I couldn't be happier with a cutting edge release. As I mentioned before, the biggest aspects of a successful distribution for me are suspend/hibernate, correct screen resolution and the the ability to change the screen resolution in a GUI if it didn't configure it correctly the first time, system stability, and overall look and feel of a distribution. For me, Fedora 8 has excelled in all categories when I evaluate and review a system and I hope that Fedora continues to release versions that are put together as good as Fedora 8 has been."
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Video cards and Fedora
by Arkansas_Rebel on Wed 14th Nov 2007 00:24 UTC
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I use ATI video cards and I have never had any problems, the 3d effects work extremely well and from a standpoint of stability I have never had any major problems.

But like all of the distro's they just keep maturing and the tools 'graphical' keep getting better and better.

SELinux should be enabled, also you should run visudo and add your userid so you do not have to use 'root' to perform basic admin functions. Certain cases root is needed and it is necessary. I will be putting all of the multi-media how-tos on my website, and setting up Java, DVD drives to downloading all of players ect in a simple easy to use cut/paste format. That is one of my projects I am going to undertake in my spare time when not studying for my RHCE, also setting up a server and so on.

The main reason I like Fedora is to me the file system layout just makes logical sense to me. I have used Caldera Linux, Mandrake, Red Hat 6,7,8,9 and all sorts of distro's but always went back to Red Hat based stuff. Plus in the datacenter that is all we run is Red Hat RHEL 3,4 and now 5.1 on the newest servers.

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