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Hardware, Embedded Systems "The Asus Eee PC challenges many conventional assumptions about mobile computing. The daring, diminutive device combines a svelte subnotebook form factor with a unique Linux software platform and a budget-friendly price - factors that could make this unprecedented product a mainstream marvel. Last week, my colleague Jon described the Eee PC as game-changing: a characterization that we will put to the test in this review."
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Great Device!
by mjmoran on Wed 14th Nov 2007 21:03 UTC
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Great device! I am typing this comment on my Eee pc right now. The review is about spot on. I would prefer at larger keyboard and a higher resolution screen.

One thing about the keyboard which is actually more of a pain then the size, some of the keys are different widths. The letter and number key are all the same size but the keys that have the colon and question marks different. Additionally, the comma key and period keys are different sizes, which is kind of weird when typing.

With that said, this is probably one of the best laptops I have used. I pretty well matches my needs. The 900 mHz processor is plenty quick, and the interface is fairly well optimized for the small screen.

I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a small and light mobile system. It won't disappoint.


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