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ReactOS The opensource Windows-compatible operating system ReactOS released a status update today. The highlights are the ability to run 2 applications (screenshots), kernel bugfixes, a restructured win32 subsystem, and plans about the next release (December 2007).
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RE[3]: Really?
by Valhalla on Thu 15th Nov 2007 01:32 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Really?"
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well, I don't think your have to hate or even dislike Linux to find Reactos an interesting and useful project. my personal favourite alternate OS-in-the-making is Haiku, but even so I'm certain that of all the alternate OS's in progress Reactos has the biggest chance of actually attracting a substantial user base given that it is a clone of windows. it will have a ton of software and drivers available, the lack of which is the very achilles heel of every other alternate OS out there.

I read in one of the newsletters (iirc) that there were a new explorer-like shell in Reactos which unfortunately didn't work yet due to incomplete shell functionality, is there any chance it will work in the upcoming Reactos 0.3.4?

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