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ReactOS The opensource Windows-compatible operating system ReactOS released a status update today. The highlights are the ability to run 2 applications (screenshots), kernel bugfixes, a restructured win32 subsystem, and plans about the next release (December 2007).
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by kaiwai on Thu 15th Nov 2007 03:01 UTC in reply to "....."
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So many operating systems to try and so little time ;)

Good Work ReactOs.Looking forward to testing this baby out.

That's what I love to see, lots of operating systems, software companies writing quality, platform agnostic code and consumers benefiting from the vicious competition between the different vendors.

As for ReactOS - it'll eventually get there. I remember when wine first started to emerge; there were those who aimed for the stars - in that case, to run Mirosoft Office, they were shot down by nay sayers "oh, you'll never get it to run, too many Microsoft only technologies that'll stop it from running". Here we are in 2007 and people can run Microsoft Office on *NIX.

ReactOS might be 'slightly behind' the new api's which Microsoft introduces, but lets remember that given how long it takes for third parties to take advantage of them, its just a matter of time before those applications are released and the eventual features are added to ReactOS.

Personally? I won't be running it; Windows (or clones) is not my thing, but if it results in more competition in the marketplace, I as a result benefit from it.

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