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ReactOS The opensource Windows-compatible operating system ReactOS released a status update today. The highlights are the ability to run 2 applications (screenshots), kernel bugfixes, a restructured win32 subsystem, and plans about the next release (December 2007).
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Pretty impressive in terms of the skill of the developers, but I don't think your going to see many companies switching. They have windows, why would they switch to a something that is so like windows that they probably wouldn't even notice the difference.

If any comapnies do switch it will be small one man companies, with the one man running it being an OSS nut and MS basher. In the real world, businesses don't care for the MS is evil spin. Look at all the case studies you see on people switching to OS.

Look at these 'major' switches to

Please, are any of these really going to help? Does the boss of Tesco really care if Swadelands School in Kent switches to Does any big company? We all know that these switches were made by the IT manager who is a linux fanboy. In Six months this school will be back to MS Office when they realise that they can't open all there old excel files or read everybodies old word files exactly as before.

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