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Window Managers EDE 1.2 is a new version of EDE (Equinox Desktop Environment) which brings mostly bugfixes. Also it comes with full German and French localization. The Equinox Desktop Environment is a small desktop environment, built to be simple, to have a familiar look and feel and to be reasonably fast.
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RE[3]: Hmm
by setec_astronomy on Sat 17th Nov 2007 14:49 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Hmm"
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If my memory serves me right, 32MByte is unrealistic for Late 1995 / 1996. High end computers had (at least here in Austria) 16MByte available.

I remember when I had to invest ATS 4200 (without inflation ~ 300EUR ) to get another 4MByte RAM in August 96 for my anno 1994, middle class 486DX40 with 4MB RAM in order to boot/install Windows 95. The money was almost half of my first salary, and I still keep the (laminated) invoice, for sentimental reasons. The machine came with Win 3.11 preinstalled, and I had no problems running an educational licensed copy of OS/2 Warp 3 (IIRC), whereas Win95 choked at the installation.

A friend of mine purchased a top-notch computer in autumn 1995 (again, if my memory serves me right) for approx. 40000 ATS (Pentium 90, 16MByte RAM, 17" CRT Monitor, Scanner, 1MByte SVGA -> He was doing some serious CAD stuff) and Win95 performed indeed very well on this box. I can remember the details because I helped him to select the components and when he calculated the amount of money this machine would cost, he invited me for dinner :-)

Ah, those old times

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