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3D News, GL, DirectX "The leading question most of you are likely wondering is why there hasn't been anymore ATI GPU specifications released in over two months. Well, as we have shared in earlier articles, AMD has had limited staff devoted to sanitizing the documentation and getting it cleared by their legal department for release. However, that is about to change. AMD's John Bridgman has confirmed that they are in the process of hiring new people to do all of the planned documentation and support work that will help the open-source community. Within a couple weeks, these new AMD employees will begin this crusade."
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RE[5]: cool
by hobgoblin on Sat 17th Nov 2007 23:26 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: cool"
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if your referring to the original q1 mod, i would suspect so as at that time the stuff was created using a special language and compiler rather then c++ and similar.

so in theory any mod for q1 should work for any q1 engine variant as long as they stayed compatible to the mod format.

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