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Microsoft "InformationWeek recently interviewed Bill Hilf, Microsoft's leading light on open source issues. Since coming to Microsoft from IBM in 2003, Hilf has been inextricably involved with Microsoft's strategy for dealing with Linux. He's recently been appointed general manager of Windows Server marketing and platform strategy, which means he's taking on an expanded role, but open source is still one of his core issues."
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i agree
by muffenme on Sun 18th Nov 2007 04:42 UTC
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This would never happen, but it just be good to help some open source project like linux, other os and other project. Microsoft has taken from open source why not give back to open source with nobody getting sued for use of the code.

But I do dream in color and Microsoft would never release code to open source unless it sue someone ass off. I just wish they would so someone would know how to write a better os then linux. No matter how good linux is it seem to miss something that Windows does easy like compleate driver, hardware manager, and other thing.
Open source has some projects like OpenOffice, lame MP3, XVID, Firefox and POVray to some great open source project. These and other project could be help with the no string attatch opening of the older code to be use in any way fit without being sued for using it even if someone trying to reverse enginer the code, so they could get project done faster and right with less amount of bug.

Over all it shock me if they release code with no string attacted.

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