Linked by Thom Holwerda on Sun 18th Nov 2007 15:42 UTC
BSD and Darwin derivatives PC-BSD 1.4.1 has been released. "A update to PC-BSD has been released today, version 1.4.1. This new version may be obtained from our download page, additionally users who are running version 1.4 may download a patch to upgrade." It's mostly a bugfix release.
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bugfixing release
by antik on Sun 18th Nov 2007 17:49 UTC
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Actually this version is how 1.4 release supposed to look like. FreeBSD/PC-BSD is good platform for programmers, students and enterprises because of these features:

1. All kind of programming languages included in base system by default (perl, python, qt, etc.). And of course GCC and subversion.
2. Intel wifi drivers (no 3945abg yet though).
3. All kind of free codecs- you can play almost all video and audio files without installing anything manually.
4. Sound card support is great- all common cards detected automatically and FreeBSD sound mixing is unbetable- you can play multiple sound instances and applications simultaneously- everything is mixed transparently in kernel level.
5. With LZMA compression installcd size is down from 700MB to 550MB (next release will have more goodies inside ;) . Installation is faster too, with fast cpu, it took ~5minutes on P4-3.2GHz with 1GB ram and 400GB sata drive.
6. No trouble messing with bootloaders like GRUB- FreeBSD boot0loader is fully automatic- no configuration changes needed for booting up multiple operating systems like Linux, Windows, other BSDs.
7. Did I already mention that Java is native?
8. Big thanks to nVidia for their great drivers.

Btw PC-BSD 1.4.1 is based on FreeBSD 6.3-PRERELEASE.

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