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Window Managers "Linux has proven amazingly flexible: after nearly 10 years of use, I'm still impressed by how the Linux operating system does exactly what I want on any type of hardware. Desktop customization is no exception; from the ultra-modern KDE and GNOME window managers to with the likes of Fluxbox and AfterStep, there's a Linux desktop to suit everyone."
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RE[2]: wm for a server?
by autumnlover on Tue 20th Nov 2007 06:10 UTC in reply to "RE: wm for a server?"
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Freedom from the "upgrade treadmill".

Can I understand it right ? I can install and use OpenOffice 2.x on Red Hat 7.0 installation, as I can on Windows 98 ?

Protect you from viruses & malware.

It's a myth.

Give you a one-stop, easily searchable, guaranteed no malware GUI application installer.

I am sure you never tried Ubuntu's Synaptics with offline DVDs as repositories ;-)

Cross-platform compatibility & interoperability.

But not between applications - compare win's clipboard and GNOME equivalent of it.

Hardware recognised immediately, no need to search for the right "driver CD".

So unlucky me. Using Ubuntu for one and half year, and still cannot make Realtek RT 2500 WiFi PCI Cards on two desktop to run on Ubuntu. Latest driver included in 7.10 repos failed to detect my card, saying "card not installed". IT IS installed, damn it! ;-)

A working 64-bit desktop with all drivers.

Drivers - maybe. But not all applications.

An update service that will not "push" unwanted software on you.

Unless you're unlucky one, equipped with Radeon 8250 and updated to brand new X-server version 7.3 ...

A browser compliant with W3C standards, including SVG, and which can pass the acid2 test.

There are no Opera for Windows ?

Lack of ongoing registration & activation requirements.

Registration IS required on Windows ? No!

Attachments are not simply dumped by mail clients.

I don't see how it is related to OS ?

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