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Window Managers "Linux has proven amazingly flexible: after nearly 10 years of use, I'm still impressed by how the Linux operating system does exactly what I want on any type of hardware. Desktop customization is no exception; from the ultra-modern KDE and GNOME window managers to with the likes of Fluxbox and AfterStep, there's a Linux desktop to suit everyone."
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RE: Choice
by lemur2 on Tue 20th Nov 2007 09:30 UTC in reply to "Choice"
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To windows users - rather than look for a reason to use Linux, try the approach of trying Linux for a while (try PCLinuxOS live CD), try the different DE's and try to find reasons to use windows. Give Linux a good, serious try - you may find a pleasant surprise

I remain quite mystified about the apparent attitude of Windows supporters towards Linux.

Linux has a longish list of important advantages and cost savings and "lack of hassle" time savings for the users over Windows ... yet Windows users seem to be in denial about that, and seem desperate to try to put down Linux and bolster Windows ... and one has to ask to what end?

Do they actually want to hand over their hard-earned money to Redmond year after year for no good reason? Do they really want to yield control over their own hardware and their own IT spending to a large American corporation of known untrustworthiness? Do they really want to spend considerable time, effort and money constantly trying to keep their systems secure? Do they really want to be dependent on the whims of one foreign firm to continue to have access to their own digital data? Do they like being spied upon and dictated to? Do they want to be inundated with obnoxious advertising and spam?

Exactly what gives with all that anyway?

One suspects there is some mis-representation here of what genuine computer users actually think.

Can we mention the word "astroturfing" perhaps?

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