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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla Corporation today released Firefox 3 Beta 1, which is now available for download in a variety of languages. The beta includes updates to the default theme, the new places site management features, improved security architecture, and Gecko 1.9. Release notes with a more complete list of features, are also available.
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RE[4]: Native widgets?
by dylansmrjones on Wed 21st Nov 2007 14:39 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Native widgets?"
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It's an ubuntu-specific solution and has nothing to do with Firefox or widgets as such.

That solution still doesn't follow the native look, but merely allows for some ugly hacking of the look. Of course it might be better than nothing else, but the solution still doesn't make the widgets follow the native look. And the solution is not a Firefox-solution but merely an ubuntu-solution, since Firefox has no such thing as a widget installer.

The moment such widget-'themes' can be installed in the Firefox 'Extensions'-dialogue we might talk about 'Firefox Widgets'. Until then I'm looking forward to Firefox automagically theming the widgets according to the GTK+-theme in use.

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