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Apple When computer company Apple announced that they were planning to make a phone, most pundits felt sure that Apple would produce something a bit different from the crowd. An Apple phone would have to be a plush, prestige unit and the product of a thoughtful design process.
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Why did I read this?
by ninjawombat on Wed 21st Nov 2007 15:28 UTC
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Not getting a device that you want because it is too "hyped" is the same in my mind as getting it because it is hyped. In both cases you base your decision on what others think rather than on what you need. Silly.

The brilliance of the iPhone is that it is almost unique in the category of high-end *consumer* phones. If you want a smartphone that does corporate email, those already exist! If you want a cheap phone with all the best hardware but the software is so lame that you can't really do much with it, there are bazillions of those. If you really want your keyboard to take up have of your device such that you have a smaller screen, you're already happy. What about the rest of us?

Every feature is a compromise. Hardware keyboards or big screen. Top specs or usability. Third party support and iPhone release delayed by 1 year, or release now and support 3rd parties later. Etc. Etc. Let's be glad that Apple at least is making different compromises compared to everyone else and offering a different device. That's why saying that the iPhone isn't for you is about as interesting a me saying that the crappy entry-level motorola phone most people get for free with their plan isn't for me.

I don't have an iPhone and won't get one, but I just see the logic behind Apple's decision and from a business point of view of pleasing one type of customer *very* well, they are by and large the right ones. But somehow people have to complain over and over about the fact that Apple didn't make their first device just for them! All I have to say is don't get an iPhone, and you don't need to tell me about it.

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