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Apple When computer company Apple announced that they were planning to make a phone, most pundits felt sure that Apple would produce something a bit different from the crowd. An Apple phone would have to be a plush, prestige unit and the product of a thoughtful design process.
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iPhone: The leash of the Marketeer.
by davonshire on Wed 21st Nov 2007 17:30 UTC
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I've read, and read about the iPhone. I recognize it as a great big techno lollipop with a flavor that lasts and lasts and doesn't make your fingers sticky. none of that inspires me to own one.

It can browse the web via edge or wifi and Steve sensible being that his is recommends where possible do it wifi. Again nothing to inspire me to own an iPhone.

Excellent interface for your contacts and messaging. God knows iPhone enthusisists have so many contacts it can take them minutes to find the person they were wanting to call or send a message to on a normal phone. So this just helps make everyone tighter. I'm certain by now most of them have iPhones too. Still nothing here for me to get excited about.

It is by and large a fine cludge of technologies to wow the masses and accomplish many things in one, svelt package. Admittedly there in lays a reason to consider owning one. If only to minimize the number of physical items to keep track of in my daily goings.

But then, there is the one thing I wanted, something that actually had me chomping at the bit to really consider owning one of these marvels of Steve Job's belly button lint.. Multimedia enjoyment. I can watch video, movies, listen to my favorite music wirelessly. No more being tethered to a tiny device that has all these amazing things going for it except...

Well crap it doesn't actually have A2DP or any means to talk to a stereo wireless headphone. It has Bluetooth 2.0 but.. it doesn't have this seemingly natural, obvious, pratically manditory capability. So here is the stumbling block. I'm not a Marketeer's pet. I will not be sold on something that is suppose to be so revolutionary, so mind blowingly capable and easy to use, under the premise that someday, many fixes and versions down the road, perhaps will be made availible to me.

Or maybe it will end up in the 3rd or 4th generation of the unit. I just have to upgrade to the newest device and I'll have what should have been there in the beginning.

Other cellphone makers pack as much into their high end phones as they can. Apple puts only as much into their product as they can to get a WOW and buzz running. And then thinks about adding more as time and market allows.

Everyone complains about how new software is Market and patch after sale. This is no different. Perhaps a software upgrade will give the iPhone A2DP. But it's not in it now and that's what makes the difference.

I have a portable media player that's smaller than an iphone. It's got 4GB of storage and I can plunk in another 4GB of SD if I want for a total in device storage of 8GB. It can play videos, music, record in stereo, has a FM radio that it can record from as well, has 2 wired headphone jacks and bluetooth 2.0 and has A2DP. It can even connect straight to my video system and play MPEG4 video. Oh yes and I can change the battery on it myself.

It doesn't make phone calls. It doesn't surf the web. But it did something that the iPhone at this moment can't. It satisfies all the things I want in one package. And less than a quarter of what an iPhone's purchase price is.

I didn't have to pay with a credit card for my device, I didn't have to install software on my computer to enable the capabilities it provides. I didn't have to sign into itunes or even use any media manager of any kind.

I never have to worry that leaving my media player on, I'll end up with a phone bill for thousands. Or that updating my media player will disable it because of code I ran on it.

It's simply a reasonably priced device that does what any media player does with a number of convenient enhancements. For the price I paid, every thing they put into the device works as one would expect with no exception. Infact it actually surprised me on a few things it did have I was not aware of at the time I purchased it. Which to me means I got 'Value' for every dollar I spent.

If the iPhone does all you want right now. I'm happy for you. I'm sure it will be a treasure to you for some time to come. But if you bought it in hopes that eventually you can use all it should be able to do. I'd say you've got a very nice leash there. And eventually your Marketeer will decide when you can have what they want you to have.

Wow I got wordy on this. Sorry for the rant. ;)

Have a happy.


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