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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris "File-sharing between Windows and Sun's OpenSolaris Unix platform is being bolstered through two projects at Sun. The OpenSolaris project: CIFS Server features server software source code that implements the CIFS protocol also known as Server Message Block, the standard for Windows file-sharing services, Sun said. The internal CIFS server enables Microsoft users to store and retrieve files on an OpenSolaris system, Sun said. This project and a related effort, CIFS client, improve the usefulness of OpenSolaris in data environments that serve NFS and CIFS clients, Sun said. Sun recently donated server source code that implements CIFS to the OpenSolaris Project."
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by Janizary on Wed 21st Nov 2007 21:58 UTC in reply to "X"
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Not everyone is willing to accept the GPL just to save a few grand, especially when the intent is to make many more grand. Were Samba a MIT codebase, the bits which the Solaris codebase could use would be nice for Sun, but since Sun intends to integrate the code into their kernel, it's not possible. The choice is between using Samba and being forced to GPL their kernel, or making their own CIFS implementation and keeping their kernel the way they want it.

Since Sun chose not to GPL Solaris already, it's easy to see a reason for their not selecting integrating Samba into their kernel.

Sun likes integrated solutions in it's products, Samba doesn't do that - a part of this is it's portability, a part of that is it's userland basis, and a part of that is it's licence. C'est la vie.

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