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AMD AnandTech takes a look at AMD's new Phenom. "If you were looking for a changing of the guard today it's just not going to happen. Phenom is, clock for clock, slower than Core 2 and the chips aren't yet yielding well enough to boost clock speeds above what Intel is capable of. While AMD just introduced its first 2.2GHz and 2.3GHz quad-core CPUs today, Intel previewed its first 3.2GHz quad-core chips. We were expecting Intel to retain the high end performance crown, but also expected AMD to chip away at the lower end of the quad-core market - today's launch confirms that Intel is still the king of the quad-core market."
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RE[7]: low yields
by Rugxulo on Thu 22nd Nov 2007 06:14 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: low yields"
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Its immoral - so I guess you'll protest out the front of Coca Cola and many other large companies who pay funds to supermarkets to either go 100% their product or offer all the prime shelf space to their products.

Outside of Taco Bell (who I haven't been to recently), can you really name that many places that only sell Pepsi or only Coke?? I can't. It's pretty common to find both since they both are interesting in various ways (so many flavors). Same with Intel and AMD. And I guess people such as VIA (whose C7 sounds really really impressive, from what I read) are like root beer. :-)

*drinks a soda* Happy Thanksgiving! :-)

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