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Apple When computer company Apple announced that they were planning to make a phone, most pundits felt sure that Apple would produce something a bit different from the crowd. An Apple phone would have to be a plush, prestige unit and the product of a thoughtful design process.
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RE: Phones are a fashion statement
by Odisej on Thu 22nd Nov 2007 09:43 UTC in reply to "Phones are a fashion statement"
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Well, now, really. The iPhone does so well because Apple puts millions of dollars in advertising. That's it. They sell ridiculously expensive equipment to the masses and you can only do that by building hype. That's what Apple does best. Whether it's computers, mp3 player or whatever. I've used better and cheaper alternative in all categories. But of course, since nobody advertises sansa, acer ferrari or alienware using Einstein (who would never use an Apple, btw, being too smart and all) nobody cares. i, for one, don't buy equipment so that I can brag around.

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