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Window Managers "Linux has proven amazingly flexible: after nearly 10 years of use, I'm still impressed by how the Linux operating system does exactly what I want on any type of hardware. Desktop customization is no exception; from the ultra-modern KDE and GNOME window managers to with the likes of Fluxbox and AfterStep, there's a Linux desktop to suit everyone."
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(scroll down the the answer to FAQ question 6.8)

You said that there is a "myth" about certain software being unavailable for Linux, and hinted about some clandestine agenda behind such "myths" being spread. But it still seems to be truth. Inkscape and Sodipodi CANNOT access *.CDR files, and "Uniconvertor" mentioned in FAQ is available as SOURCE ONLY.

You know ? I do not like Linux. Instead of clicking "next", "ok" , "next" as on normal OSes, those "uni*geeks" always told you to compile something called "colonel" from "shources" or something. (sarcasm)

Now imagine yourself on the same desert island with notebook loaded with default Windows XP install and the same pile of CDs loaded with *.CDR files...

So you say that there is Inkscape installed in Ubuntu's "default install" along with "Uniconvertor" installed and ready to process that pile of CDs ? ;-)

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