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Editorial This day-after-Thanksgiving, when many Americans are enjoying a day off and several others are at work goofing around on OSNews, we decided to ask you: what's your "killer app?" What's the one app you can't live without? Sound off in the comments - one app only!
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KDE's Kontact
by moleskine on Fri 23rd Nov 2007 20:21 UTC
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Choosing a browser is a bit dull - we all have one. My must-have app is KDE's Kontact. I get mail, news, both basic notes and basket notes, journal, contacts, calendar and rss feeds all in one place. Since Kontact has a plug-in architecture, I could probably get even more if I tried.

Kontact seems very stable and for me it's a darn site easier to use than Evolution, as well as nicer to look at. To me, this is desktop computing at its best and certainly beats anything I've so far tried on 'doze. Kontact, Amarok, Kate and Digikam are the primary reason I use KDE over Gnome.

My second choice would be KDE's Digikam, an excellent program that keeps things simple for its target audience, executes them very well and does exactly what it says on the tin.

In a year's time, if progress is good, I'm hoping I'll be able to say that KOffice 2 is my top app.

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