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Windows "Almost a year on from the release of Microsoft's Windows Vista, only 13 percent of companies say they expect to move all desktops to the operating system, according to a survey released this week. Furthermore, adoption of Linux continues to gather pace, with a particular emphasis on the desktop emerging." As always, be sure to read these with a bag of salt on your desk.
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Because too much stuff is broken!
by kadymae on Fri 23rd Nov 2007 23:26 UTC
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Where I work (academic library) the plan was to migrate all the new Staff Workstations to Vista and after getting a few workstations in to build test images on?

Not happening.

I know that it's the fault of third party software vendors not getting their stuff together, but every single unit in the library had some piece of mission critical software that would not run under Vista.

We were going to be the pilot department for Vista deployment on our campus. And what we found out was: Vista cannot be deployed on our campus at this time.

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