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Opera Software Here is an interview with the CEO of Opera. "There are obviously some users who go between Opera and Mozilla. They have Opera one week, Mozilla the next week, and back to Opera... But we have a shared common goal: we would actually like to see open standards prevail."
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Mozilla IS Tri-Licensed: MPL/GPL/LGPL
by kwanbis on Thu 8th Sep 2005 18:47 UTC
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Some time ago announced its intent to seek relicensing of Mozilla code under a new licensing scheme that would address perceived incompatibilities of the Mozilla Public License (MPL) with the GNU General Public License (GPL) and GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

We are now implementing Mozilla relicensing using an MPL/GPL/LGPL triple license. This FAQ addresses various questions that might arise specifically about this relicensing effort. For additional information about the new Mozilla licensing scheme, see the License Policy.

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