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Mac OS X "This is something I never thought I'd hear myself say - or maybe I should say, see myself type - about an Apple operating system: Mac OSX Leopard was released before it was ready. This operating system needed more testing on more systems with more hardware, and especially, more software configurations. The days of Apple computers operating with just the Mac OS and Adobe Photoshop installed, and practically nothing else to speak of, are long gone, and Apple knows this as well as anyone. This operating system was not properly beta tested, and Apple's customers are paying for it, with lost productivity and inoperative computers."
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speking of victims of web 2.0
by wargum on Sun 25th Nov 2007 12:15 UTC
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The author of this article is one of em, IMHO. Only 2 points he makes are valid: Firewall problems and the file moving bug that could destroy the file. Both seem to be fixed already. (and maybe the Seagate hard drive thing, I'm not really into this)

The rest is listing general "problems" from the web combined with superficial knowledge. E.g. all previous versions of OS X had the firewall turned off by default, so this is not a thing new to Leopard. The graphics artifacts and freezes he talks about were an iMac specific problem, again, not related to Leopard in any way (and finally fixed, btw). And then this silly talk about "Blue Screen" vs. "Blue Screen of Death" (the cause, an app that was pretty closely related to the OS, shouldn't suprise anybody) and the complaining about Apple's advertising, c'mon!

I don't know, to me he is totally mislead by the talk on the net. IMO, this is the smoothest upgrade of all OS X transitions, so far. Apple has left most APIs/frameworks of Tiger untouched, so almost every software just runs and doesn't need an upgrade. We saw a lot more essential updates to software in the past, when apple released a new version of OS X.
And please, look into the Ubuntu forums or the millions of windows forums. They are full of threads about upgrading issues! On the apple side, almost every issue there was has been fixed within a month. There is no such thing as a flawless OS, especially not in the general purpose OS area.

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