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Mac OS X "This is something I never thought I'd hear myself say - or maybe I should say, see myself type - about an Apple operating system: Mac OSX Leopard was released before it was ready. This operating system needed more testing on more systems with more hardware, and especially, more software configurations. The days of Apple computers operating with just the Mac OS and Adobe Photoshop installed, and practically nothing else to speak of, are long gone, and Apple knows this as well as anyone. This operating system was not properly beta tested, and Apple's customers are paying for it, with lost productivity and inoperative computers."
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The Vista syndrome ?
by Caraibes on Sun 25th Nov 2007 12:25 UTC
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-What is happening to the major companies ?

We had Vista released and forced on us, knowing it is a BAD OS... Now Leopard is being said in "beta" stage !!!

I'll happily stick to Fedora, Mandriva and Debian, then !!!

But for regular folks, OSX tiger should be a good choice, or even winxp...

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