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Mac OS X "This is something I never thought I'd hear myself say - or maybe I should say, see myself type - about an Apple operating system: Mac OSX Leopard was released before it was ready. This operating system needed more testing on more systems with more hardware, and especially, more software configurations. The days of Apple computers operating with just the Mac OS and Adobe Photoshop installed, and practically nothing else to speak of, are long gone, and Apple knows this as well as anyone. This operating system was not properly beta tested, and Apple's customers are paying for it, with lost productivity and inoperative computers."
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by detto on Sun 25th Nov 2007 14:43 UTC
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> 2nd paragraph: "Perhaps the most troublesome of the problems has been a data loss issue caused by Finder....."

Which existed since Panther iirc, and now because Apple/OSX gets more attention in press, those things are chewed everywhere. But it had a good follow: 10.5.1 fixed this old bug finally.

> 3rd paragraph: "Personally, I wouldn't want to bet my important data on that statement."

The author though doesn't accept that they fixed it, he has paranoias instead.

> 4th paragraph: "In an unrelated issue, data recovery firm Retrodata has found a disturbing hard drive failure rate in some Apple Macbooks."

Has nothing to do with Leopard itself, and only affects a small number of Macbook owners. Also they can easily replace the drive from Apple.

> 5th paragraph: "Thanks to Leopard, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death is now a part of the Mac operating system."

If he would inform himself, he would know that those some occuring blue screens appeared only on machines where applications were installed that are struggling deep into the system like APE which arent supported at all, neither recommened at all to use, because they're just hacks into the system.

> 7th paragraph: "There are graphics artifacts followed by freezes" && "A search for Freeze or Lock or Hangs in Apple's Leopard discussion groups returns the maximum allowable 500 hits."

He's right in that this problem existed (its fixed in 10.5.1+firmware-update of graphics-card btw). But he didnt mention that it got fixed. The search result from a forum as representing how much iMacs were affected? LOL, ... this article really is funny. Let me give you the opposite statement to you: Only 15% of iMacs were affected by freezes, the low-cost model with ATI2400 not at all.

> 8th paragraph: "There are also two bugs in the usually trouble-free Mac firewall. The first caused the firewall to be installed turned off by default, which some Mac users didn't find out about until they ran into problems."

Its sad that its off by default, acknowloging this, .. but what problems please? Pseudo-existing viruses/trojans in your head? Cmon...

"The second refused to allow some third party applications to access the Internet, including, of all things, World of Warcraft."

Which is also fixed in 10.5.1 and was only a problem because applications weren't yet compatible to Leopards new firewall.

> 9th paragraph

Some more morons like the author of this article posted dramatic negative hysteric threads about how bad bad bad OSX Leopard is and what problems they got after installing Leopard on an totally hacked system with APE and others, with no backup in mind of course and afterwards complaining, hooray.

> "I have no doubt that it will someday. But today, it does not."

Ok, from start on - 10.5.0 - there were some flaws for some users. But he didnt even tried to mention 10.5.1 really and that it has fixed most of the problematic issues. I wont say Leopard is perfect, it certainly isnt. But this article just showed NO real value for anyone, as every user who gets Leopard now, gets 10.5.1 immediately too through the Update.

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