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Gnome "The GNOME Foundation has issued a statement in response to recent accusations that it has been supporting the acceptance of Microsoft's Office Open XML format as an ECMA standard at the expense of the Open Document Format, the open standard used by, KOffice and other free software office applications. However, whether the statement's attempt at logical rebuttal will do anything to reduce the emotions or altruism behind the criticisms is anybody's guess."
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RE: Orwellian naming
by SomeGuy on Sun 25th Nov 2007 19:29 UTC in reply to "Orwellian naming"
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Which is exactly why Gnome has to be involved in the specification of OOXML.

If OOXML reaches critical mass, and it very well may eventually, then Linux office apps will more or less have to be able to handle files coming from it. If nobody pushes the standard to the point at which it's more easily implementable by the free desktop, then we've got a problem on our hands.

Really, the two-proged approach is the way to go:
1) Try to prevent OOXML from taking over. Promote free, and truly open, document standards and try to make them win.

2) Make sure that if OOXML does succeed then it's possible to implement it without too much guess and check.

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