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Gnome "The GNOME Foundation has issued a statement in response to recent accusations that it has been supporting the acceptance of Microsoft's Office Open XML format as an ECMA standard at the expense of the Open Document Format, the open standard used by, KOffice and other free software office applications. However, whether the statement's attempt at logical rebuttal will do anything to reduce the emotions or altruism behind the criticisms is anybody's guess."
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by segedunum on Sun 25th Nov 2007 20:24 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ..."
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I like GNOME because is a project that thinks and behaves like me most of the time.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement.

KDE may verbaly reject OOXML now, but they will implemented it and they will look as hypocrits and give explanations later to justify that movement.

It would be wise for free and open source software to take a stand and make sure that people can convert their binary office documents to ODF rather than running around like a headless chicken to re-implement the same thing. Should OOXML conversion be required in the future then it will be that much easier.

That's all that's at issue here: OOXML -> ODF to make sure we have a sustainable format.

I wouldn't be the first time, remember DBUS,, etc.

DBUS is very heavily inspired by DCOP, that KDE came up with and used, DBUS is now used throughout the KDE desktop and much of the stuff you will see on Freedesktop has KDE people behind it.

What point are you trying to make?

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