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Gnome "The GNOME Foundation has issued a statement in response to recent accusations that it has been supporting the acceptance of Microsoft's Office Open XML format as an ECMA standard at the expense of the Open Document Format, the open standard used by, KOffice and other free software office applications. However, whether the statement's attempt at logical rebuttal will do anything to reduce the emotions or altruism behind the criticisms is anybody's guess."
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by Hiev on Sun 25th Nov 2007 21:44 UTC
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Telling us that it is inevitable is not addressing the issues with it.

Is not my job to highlight why OOXML sucks, I know it does but ODF is not a complete solution eather, but you and others are mixing reality with passion and using it just to prormote an anti MS agenda, And I as a user, even as a developer and sick and tired of all the whining.

You promote free software step by step not with absolutes, all or nothing, black or white. etc.

But you all are trying to mix passion with technical and practical issues, I by my self know how to separe the message from the messenger.

The ideology of "destroy MS long live to Free standar" is to wasted and is proved that is just makes it worse, do it spep by step, the fact that OOXML is now at least in a way open is a win, but looks like people to passional and with and agenda just seek absolutes and gets blinded to the succes of this. I stopped to drink that koolaid long time ago, and believe me, see the thinks in a more objetive ways is way better,

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