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Gnome "The GNOME Foundation has issued a statement in response to recent accusations that it has been supporting the acceptance of Microsoft's Office Open XML format as an ECMA standard at the expense of the Open Document Format, the open standard used by, KOffice and other free software office applications. However, whether the statement's attempt at logical rebuttal will do anything to reduce the emotions or altruism behind the criticisms is anybody's guess."
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by tomcat on Mon 26th Nov 2007 09:18 UTC in reply to "RE: ..."
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This is a common argument. OOXML has not reach anything near a critical mass to make it worthwhile, and it doesn't justify it as an implementable standard or the doctored process it has gone through. Saying that Microsoft has come up with it to so it is inevitable is not a great argument.

Whether or not OOXML has hit (or will hit) "critical mass" is irrelevant to the issue of whether it should be promoted as a standard. There are already MANY differing standards for document formats. OOXML is just another one, and it should be measured on its merits -- not on narrow-minded ideology.

The rational approach is to help get peoples' existing documents into an open format everyone can work with. That is the only workable, technical solution that can have any benefit for users. Running around trying to support yet another unsupportable format isn't the answer.

LOL. Great, then you're ready to convert from ODF to OOXML, then.

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