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Linux The creator of Linux is excited about solid-state drives, expects progress in graphics and wireless networking, and says the operating system is strong in virtualization despite his personal lack of interest in the area.
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RE: Really stupid interview
by Geoff Gigg on Mon 26th Nov 2007 15:23 UTC in reply to "Really stupid interview"
Geoff Gigg
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Whole thing went down in first question where Torvalds said that he doesn't use Microsoft products, sigh why then bother asking other 2.

Because it was an email interview. But I agree that if the interviewer had done their homework, they would have known better than to ask these sorts of questions.

Nevertheless, Linus being Linus, we get very polite, thoughtful answers that refocus the discussion onto the source of Linux's strength and future. I enjoyed reading his responses.

Oh, and that funky, weird language - it's Klingon, dude, definitely Klingon.

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