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SkyOS SkyOS build 6814 has been released. Among its new features are streaming support, system-wide spell checking, the Mozilla embedded Gecko engine (which is used to create a few applications like a Wikipedia reader), an updated Viewer (file manager), a new theme engine, and more.
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RE: my 2cents
by Almafeta on Tue 27th Nov 2007 05:33 UTC in reply to "my 2cents"
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Am i the only one who thinks that the only reason this project could exist is open source. Things like freetype,gcc,gecko,openbfs,cups.

Yes, you are.

Code like Gecko, CUPS -- that's just copyleft cruft. The meat of the OS, what you pay for, is closed-source software.

You take out the open-source cruft from SkyOS, and you have an operating system. You take out the closed-source code, you have some silly binaries floating in space useless to anyone.

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