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Linux The creator of Linux is excited about solid-state drives, expects progress in graphics and wireless networking, and says the operating system is strong in virtualization despite his personal lack of interest in the area.
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Where is Linux headed? - Nowhere!
by pjafrombbay on Tue 27th Nov 2007 06:04 UTC
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I have been trying to switch from Microsoft XP to Linux for several years. I was using Ubuntu 6.06 on one PC and 7.04 on the other. Things were looking good; most things worked even my Canon laser printer. Then I made a mistake - I installed Ubuntu 7.10! What a mistake, I don't think Ubuntu did its normal quality control on this one. I then compounded the initial mistake by trying Fedora 8 - would you believe that editing fstab to enable the Linux install to recognise the other hard drive with Windows XP destroyed the X-Windows. Fixing X was beyond my skill level and by then I had had enough. Delete the Linux install from the second hard drive and make it a back-up for Windows (nice and easy) and zap my laptop and re-install Windows XP. Now all I have to do is get over my anti-Microsoft fealings. The user experience however is good; I have changed from constant Sys-Admin to ordinary user and everything just works!

Linus, you still have a long way to go!


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