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Graphics, User Interfaces "Below we present some of the outstanding recent developments in the field of user experience design. Most techniques may seem very futuristic, but they are reality. And in fact, they are extremely impressive. Keep in mind: they can become ubiquitous over the next years." More here.
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Keyboards forever!
by bm3719 on Tue 27th Nov 2007 15:00 UTC
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Maybe I'm getting old or something, but except in limited niche applications, general computer use seems to me to be far less efficient waving your arms around or talking to your computer or any of the other supposedly "futuristic" methods of interaction we tend to see in sci-fi movies and articles like this one. With the exception of a direct neural link, of course. ;)

Who wants to wave their hands around like an idiot all day at work when you could be sitting in a nice chair? Plus, the standard kb/mouse interface is universal across applications, unlike most of these interfaces will have to be to be useful. Even the popularity of the Wii confounds me, as it seems far less precise a way to interact with a device. But, like I said, maybe I'm getting old.

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