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Geek stuff, sci-fi... Geeks of the world rejoice: Futurama is back. After a long wait, today is the official release date of "Bender's Big Score!", a 90 minute direct-to-DVD film, that will later be chopped up into the first four episodes of the new season. Filled with geek and nerd references, Futurama is a popular American cartoon series, by Simpsons' creater Matt Groening, that sadly got cancelled way before its time by the Fox Network. Now, it's back, and the opening sequence, a big slap in the face of the Fox Network executives, is already a classic. I have already seen the new film, and as a big, big Futurama fan, I can tell you it will not let you down. Three more direct-to-DVD movies are already planned, so go out, buy the DVD, and just like Family Guy, let's get it back on a regular schedule! My personal favourites: Zapp (s03e02): "That young man fills me with hope and some other emotions that are weird and deeply confusing to me." And of course the classic sign over Amy Wong's parents' house (s04e06): "You came to the Wong place."
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The hype is big, the movie ain't
by tante on Tue 27th Nov 2007 23:20 UTC
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Many people are hyped about that thing, but after having seen it I have to say it suffers from the same deficits that made the Simpsons movie bad: Lack of good writing, lack of momentum, lack of story structure. It's a long Futurama episode with the same flat characters acting just as they did in the series with a "story" that feels like a bad episode (Time Travel? Come on, why that amateur move?).

Fans might have fun, but people not religiously attached to Futurama will probably as bored as I was.

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