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Gnome Get out your popcorn, boys and girls, this is geek soap opera at its finest. "Jeff Waugh is a psychotic failure, obstructive and destructive. He is poisonous people." GNOME's Murray Cumming blogging on Jeff Waugh, all in relation to the board elections. Cumming first detailed what he deemed good candidates, he then went on to lambast the only bad candidate (according to Cumming): Waugh. "His behavior is far beyond the acceptable and displays contempt for the people in GNOME who actually do work. We've tolerated it too long, lost several high-level contributors because of it, slowed down the work of other contributors, and made their work unpleasant. That cost is too high, and we receive almost nothing in return. Jeff Waugh's only aim is self-publicity and any responsibilities in GNOME are just a way to achieve that. As long as his abysmal destructive misuse of those responsibilities is tolerated then he will happily continue clinging to symbolic authority regardless of the effects on GNOME. He seems driven by paranoia that people seek his downfall, but he is not driven by any need to do the job. Inevitably, people soon do want him to get out of the way." The story continues on Planet GNOME, with people supporting Cumming, but also a lot of people demanding a retraction. Don't kill the messenger. Update: Waugh's response. "There's a layer of truth to some of what Murray has said, but his shockingly exaggerated, hateful message is not intended to resolve or heal. Murray does not accept or credit my commitment or contributions to the project, and he has sought to denigrate, disenfranchise and discredit me consistently over the years... Though this is obviously the loudest and most hurtful attempt."
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Combine the lack of new faces with Havoc and company pulling out of general gnome development, and Miguel and company working mostly on mono based apps that will not get accepted into gnome, and what do you have left? I really hope gnome regains some vision and direction, cause while it was a great project back in the day, it is well on in the process of dying a slow, painful death.

There's heaps of new and extremely productive new blood in GNOME, but many of those new contributors are pretty quiet compared to the rockstars of our past. Miguel and Havoc were awesome hackers and great (albeit different) leaders.

Yes, there's a bit of a leadership vacuum in GNOME right now, but there are good structures in place to ensure that we're delivering sweet new stuff every six months (we've had some great releases over the last few years), and there is a HUGE amount of amazing fundamental infrastructure work being done by GNOME hackers, and much of it is feeding innovation in the entire FLOSS desktop space.

We're a bit quiet about our achievements so far, and some of them are certainly below the obvious-wow line, but GNOME is very far from dead or dying. :-)

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