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Fedora Core "Java is a popular programming language used both on the desktop and the net. Until recently users who wanted to use just free software have had to struggle with partial support for Java, but now that Sun have begun freeing their Java implementation the way has opened for free software developers to create an entirely free implementation. This free Java, IcedTea, was shipped by default with Fedora 8, and so we talked to Thomas Fitzsimmons, the lead developer behind this feature."
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I second that...
by Arkansas_Rebel on Wed 28th Nov 2007 03:58 UTC
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I have reported a few bugs, mostly minor items but I like the 'iced tea' and the fact a separate download of Sun's Java is optional.

Fedora has several new features that add to its overall appeal.

system-config-firewall is a new firewall gui utility it has a lot of features of course you can still do editing of the .conf files

wireless has improved greatly along with so many features I can't name them all..

One thing is for certain it seems that ALL distro's are advancing at a rapid rate and they are fit for any desktop environment. Fedora has come a long way and it just keeps getting better and better!

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