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Fedora Core "Java is a popular programming language used both on the desktop and the net. Until recently users who wanted to use just free software have had to struggle with partial support for Java, but now that Sun have begun freeing their Java implementation the way has opened for free software developers to create an entirely free implementation. This free Java, IcedTea, was shipped by default with Fedora 8, and so we talked to Thomas Fitzsimmons, the lead developer behind this feature."
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by Arkansas_Rebel on Wed 28th Nov 2007 12:33 UTC
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I think it is the best direction including IcedTea, because you can run into problems in licensing with closed source code trying to run against gpl code.

That is the way I understand it and the development of IcedTea will be non-stop such as any distro improvements will happen faster, bugs patched faster and overall end user implementation will help the community as a whole.

The whole point behind OpenSource is to have options not be locked into to Sun's 'only game in town with Java' licensed from them.

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