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SuSE, openSUSE Novell today announced the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10, "the only open source, enterprise-class real-time operating system available in the market today". Novell says: "Enhancements to SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time 10 include the latest enterprise-hardened open source technologies that reduce system latency or delay and improve predictability, such as CPU shielding, priority inheritance, sleeping spinlocks, interrupt threads, high-resolution timers and the latest OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution for commodity high-speed interconnects, OFED 1.2.5. As a result, customers gain time advantage over competitors"
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RE: RH vs Novell
by maceto on Wed 28th Nov 2007 21:00 UTC in reply to "RH vs Novell"
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You do know RH has a similar product not out yet, as they want everything to be open source before launching, no I do not work for them. There is a slight difference here.

Novell for the immediate future, as there are some money to save on Real Time,if a need for a RT system. Issue is the Concurrent partnership- where,what will happen?

Boils down to: Novell better tools, better RT system now, RedHat might be a better long term option. IBM Websphere Java will be available for RH, not Novell one example. Also look into Concurrent's patches not all open-source by some claims.

A lot of ppl do tend to forget another player here: SUN has some serious benchmarks and clients to show for in the RT space.

But as always as for client that wants this, ask for test cases that would be similar to what you will be using it for and if you are a large client, well then let them use you in their marketing as this is an emerging market for both of the Linux Players ( don't forget SUN here as well) and that can save you a lot of money.

Happy hunting :-)

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