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Amiga & AROS A new AROS status update has been published. The biggest news: "Michal Schulz has made the miracle, and a whole new chapter in AROS history begins. Starting from today, you can grab the 64 bit native flavour of AROS from our website. This new version is obviously more advanced than the usual one, and has limited memory protection and GRUB loading modules. A initial wall for 4 GB of RAM will be removed as soon as proper MMU handling is done. In order to run the 64 bit native version of AROS a 64-bit x86 processor like AMD Athlon 64s or latest Intel Core2s is needed."
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RE[4]: Travesty
by jal_ on Fri 30th Nov 2007 19:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Travesty"
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As I have already said, if there's something you miss in AROS, well, you won't get it by whining, but by coding: take what you need in order to add it, and feel free to resolve the issue by yourself.

Well, not everyone can code, or has the time to code. I'm not the best coder around, and I certainly do not have the time to code. That should not have to stop me from commenting on the issue though.

Modern OSes have features AROS doesn't have, some for lack of time/developers, others by design. For istance, if you are able to add virtual memory and memory protection without breaking compatibility with available code, just do it. AROS is based on the AmigaOS design, and AmigaOS didn't have PM and VM, that's all.

Exactly my point. AROS is meant to be compatible with Amiga apps. Amiga apps certainly do not need x64. And why the obsession with compatability, if the programs cannot run anyway (unless there's a hidden 68K emulator in x64 somewhere I don't know about). It would've been better to add UAE to AROS, and continue developing modern ways of doing things. A bit like what MS did with Win 3.11 -> Win32.

If you can't live without them, AROS is not for you.

AROS is not for me per se, but I do like alternative OSes. It's just a shame (imho, of course), that so much creativity goes to waste on recreating a 80s OS.


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